Lightness, functionality, timelessness, attention to detail and cooperation, this is what we enjoy.

LERROA was established in the summer of 2022. Translated, it means LINE. A line, a line on paper, a sketch is the beginning of our work.

We design and produce furniture and accessories using modern and ecological materials. Cooperation, enthusiasm, mutual inspiration and division of roles are key for us. Thanks to the motivation and openness of all of us, we bring new solutions. We are hard on ourselves. The energy we put into our work and our inner motivation drive us forward.  We emphasize the safety of production processes and the safety of products themselves in our work. We value our customers, the people around us and the environment.

We like to be different and create our own path.

Jitka, Marek and the LERROA team

Jitka Vaněčková


“I studied business economics and management of human resources at the University of Economics in Prague, and since then I have enjoyed leadership, projects and new challenges. I like to look for new paths in which I apply all the knowledge and experience I have gained during my entire career in HR in multinational manufacturing companies. I try to bring simplicity and lightness to my work, as well as to my life.”

Marek Povolný

Art Director

Marek is an experienced architect and interior designer. He has a large number of successful realizations behind him. He is known not only from the show Jak se staví sen. He is a partner in the company Architektonické studio GAMA s.r.o. He graduated at ČVUT, the field of civil engineering and architecture. He has been working in his profession since graduating from the university.

“I appreciate Marek’s professionalism and approach to clients. We both like simple and clean styles. We like it when people and things work together, and when we manage to transfer this atmosphere into a product that works perfectly and has its own aesthetic qualities at the same time. The company LERROA was founded on the basis of our previous cooperation.” Jitka, CEO LERROA