We let natural materials stand out

We create space with sustainable products. We work with materials that are environmentally friendly. Minimal waste during our production and its recycling is one of our key values.


Valchromat is made of wood fibres coloured in the production process. The fibres are impregnated with organic colouring agents and chemically bound to one another by a special resin which lends Valchromat unique features. Small wood fibers are visible on the surface that did not absorb the organic dyes. This peculiarity gives Valchromat its unique and natural appearance. Valchromat combines the natural properties of wood with the beauty of colours and textures. It is coloured throughout the material, which allows the cutting edge to be left without subsequent treatment.


BauBuche is made of beech wood from ecologically managed forests in Central Europe. The key difference between BauBuche and other laminated veneer lumber materials is the type of wood. The use of beech provides significantly higher strength and excellent surface quality. Thanks to the black bonding, BauBuche has a completely original, elegant and modern look.

Textile Rezign Veneer


Rezign Veneer is a recycled veneer made of textile waste such as denim, army clothing, but also from bio-based fibers such as flax, hemp and jute coffee bags. The fibers are first shredded into small pieces, which are then combined into felt. This is finally pressed using a biodegradable binder into a hard material – veneer. Using recycled materials, different batches of clothing or bio-based fibers may have different colour outcomes. Therefore, the veneer is unique and one-of-a-kind.


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