A combination of rawness, naturalness, beauty of colors and textures

The basic material for the production of our constructions is steel profiles. We process them in three ways.

Rusty esthetics

Everyone is fighting against rust, we are going against that. Through the natural way of corrosion, we let the characteristic red-brown colour and the unrepeatable pattern stand out on the surface of steel constructions. Subsequently, we adjust the elements so that the constructions do not corrode further and get their final surface finish. Since we are unable to influence the corrosion “pattern” in advance, each piece is original and has its own unique texture.

The rusted steel construction in combination with the natural Valchromat material made of wood fibers will create a unique piece of furniture with a natural look in your interior.

Raw steel

Why not let the steel stand out in its natural beauty? For our production, we use steel profiles, which we adjust to the desired shape. We are concerned with authenticity, so in this case we do not further treat the steel and only treat it with a transparent matt varnish. All welds and their grinding are intentionally admitted.

This version of the construction can be combined with any board material offered by us. It fits perfectly into industrial-type interiors.

Powder coating

We exclusively use powder coating for our colour variants of constructions. This is a high-quality and ecological treatment of the metal surface. To achieve a flawless result in the surface treatment process, the surface of the construction must be perfectly cleaned. Subsequently, the powder coating is applied and the construction is fired in a furnace.

We have the following RAL shades in our offer: white (RAL 9016), yellow (RAL 1018), grey 1 (RAL 7047), grey 2 (RAL 7004), grey 3 (RAL 7000), grey 4 (RAL 7015), black ( RAL 9005).


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